Suicide: Warning Signs and How to Help

So, we met on the 3rd floor last night for the first time since Covid-19 swept across the globe. It was a bittersweet experience since we didn't have PI making amazing FroZones for everyone. Maybe we will get up there one more time before he leaves and convince him to make us all drinks. We'll see. We saw some old faces, we saw some new faces, we saw some young faces, and we saw some masked faces. With the Governor's decision to lift the mask mandate starting tomorrow, we won't see as many masked faces moving forward. My hope, however, is that even after social distancing restrictions are removed, people continue to respect the personal space of others. Who's with me on this? Last night we tackled a topic most serious: suicide. Most of what we talked about can be found in this article on Life Church's website, but I would like to quickly summarize some of the key points that were made (especially since I think you need an account to view the article). Firstly,

The Sharpest Tools in the Shed

 For some of you, reading that title immediately got you singing Smashmouth's "All Star" (just writing it got the song stuck in my  head). I tip my hat to you. Well, last night I had a blast bringing back 4-Square in the gym. Turns out I'm not as rusty as I thought! We also brought back the insanely dangerous  awesome game of Hungry Hungry Humans. If you don't know what that it is, just go look it up quickly on YouTube and you'll be sorry you missed out. ;) Have you ever had to mow the lawn? When I was a teenager that was one of my responsibilities at home. I hated it. I always ended up sweaty and gross, covered in bits of grass and dirt and almost always with at least one new bug bite. The job itself seems pretty simple - turn on your mower and walk over the grass. On paper its a very simple job. But add in the heat, bumps in the ground, sticks in the way, and elevation changes and that simple task just became a lot harder. Now imagine that I go out to mow my

Come to Me, You Who Are Weary, and I Will Give You Rest

 Last night looked a little different as far as the message goes. Instead of a typical "Leader gets up and talks about something for half an hour", we looked at a couple of different scenarios and then worked in small groups to unpack what the Bible had to say about how to handle those scenarios. Before the message time, however, we took turns whacking each other with foam swords in a series of duels. Let me ask you a question. When you have a problem, where do you go for advice? Do you have a particular friend who is your "go to" for problem-solving? Does it depend on what kind of problem it is? Maybe you have a good relationship with your parents and you often go to them for advice. Every now and then someone will come to me, but I'm not usually their "Option A" (maybe more like "Option Z"). So, where do you go? Take a second and really lock in an answer before reading further. Got it? Good. Was your answer "I go to God and His Word&qu

Anxious Much?

 What is anxiety? This past Wednesday we took a closer look at what anxiety is, what it does to us, and what causes it. Then we dove into the Word of God to find out how we, as believers in Jesus Christ, should handle anxiety. Spiritual leaders often tell us to look at the Bible for answers to life's questions, and yet usually that's not our gut reaction. Why look to some old book when my friends are right here? But, when it comes to the difficulties of life, who should  we trust more - the God who created this world or our friends who have about as much life experience as we do? The obvious answer to that question is that we should  trust God more. But do we? Do we trust that God knows our problems and how to deal with them the right way? Hopefully, if you are reading this, you are at least curious to know what the Bible has to say about handling anxiety in life. So, let's take a look at what we discussed at the Summit last Wednesday. Anxiety defined: "Anxiety is a f

Trivia Night

 Heyo! Last night was intended to be a circle time night, but I messed up on the timing and that didn't happen. Instead, we spent half the night in a trivia contest between the guys and the girls. If you missed it, all the questions are below (with the answers down in the first comment). Give it a go and see how you  do! There were 20 questions in total, and all of them were taken from previous blog posts. If you are reading this, you are guaranteed to get at least one question right. Can you guess which one it is? Summit Trivia 2020-2021 1. The first message of the year (school year) introduced the theme of “WHY?”. In that message I shared about “why” we have a message time during youth group. Why do we have a message time during youth group? 2. What is the name of the Student Ministry Blog? 3. The second message of the year talked about our worldview and compared two opposing worldviews. What were those two opposing worldviews? 4. What analogy did I use to explain the ide

Dude, You Need to Hear This!

 HEYO! Last night was an odd one, as everyone seemed to be weighed down by the week. We had some fun, and I even learned a new version of Bananagrams! Although, it seems I'm not very good at it. We mixed things up a bit and had our singing and message time in the middle of the night instead of right at the end, and closed out with Noodle Hockey. If you like hitting things (and people) with noodles and enjoy hockey, you definitely missed out. The message last night closed out our Devotions of the Early Church series with the final devotion: Welcoming New Members. I shared about how Steam (a gaming platform for the pc) often will have special, limited time deals on games, and how every now one of you will reach out to me and say "Hey Mike! There's a deal out right now to get this game for free! Don't miss out!" It's super cool that they thought of me, but if I am being honest, more often than not I don't take advantage of the deal. But hey, at least they rea

Do You Know God?

 HEYO! Last night was a good night. We had a good crew and shared a few laughs together. I learned that some of yall are VERY EASILY distracted, which I suppose wasn't really "new" information. Sister Spatz brought out her favorite game, Dutch Blitz, which is apparently a fast-paced and fun game (I just don't get it). We attempted to play "keep up" with a volleyball, but this was the part where I learned about yalls distractedness. We played some Nuke 'Em as our main game and not to boast or anything but I did this amazing diving catch which turned into a roll upon landing. Obviously, I didn't get to see it happen (as I was the one doing it), but in my mind's eye it was EPIC. Definitely one of the coolest things I have done in a while. Our message last night was a continuation of our study of the devotions of the early church. This is all based out of Acts 2:42-47 - "They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to fellowship, t